Celastrus scandens. - Wax-work. Climbing Staff. - A strong, woody vine, twining around small trees, and over rocks and bushes, growing in moist situations and beside stone walls; very ornamental when in fruit. This native climber should be introduced into every garden, for the covering of arbors, walls, or trellis-work, or to be trained to a pillar in the shrubbery.

The foliage is handsome, of a deep-green. The flowers are white, in panicled clusters, and not remarkable for show. The fruit or berries very ornamental. The fruit is a berry, enclosed in a round, three-valved capsule, as a walnut is enclosed in the hull. When the fruit is ripe, the valves, or hulls, turn backward, without failing off, and disclose a berry, of a deep-scarlet, finely contrasted with the orange color of the valves.

It is a very vigorous climber, and will grow from fifteen to twenty feet high. The stem is very slender, rarely more than an inch thick.