Chriseis Californica. - Formerly Eschsholtzia. - Grows two feet high; blooms from June to September. Flowers brilliant shining yellow. Scarcely any plant produces a greater degree of splendor than this; when the full sun is upon it, it makes a complete blaze of color. It is a most suitable plant for producing a distant effect. When it is planted out in a bed, it requires a considerable number of sticks for support, or the weak branches will be liable to lie close to the ground, and then the bloom is not so fine. If planted in single patches, they should have several sticks placed round, and a string fastened, so as to keep the flower-stalks tolerably erect; by this attention a neat and handsome effect will be given. I adopt the use of cross-strings, as well as a circular one, by which means I have the shoots regularly disposed.

Chriseis crocea. - Saffron-colored Californian Poppy. - The principal difference between this and the variety now well known here, is in the color - this being a dark, bright saffron-color; the botanical difference is, that in this the point of the calyx is longer, and the apex or end of the peduncle (flower-stem) is more expanded. It is, like the other, a hardy annual or biennial.