Commelina coelestis. - Sky-blue Comrnelina. - Tender annual, or perennial if the roots are taken up and housed. The splendid blue flowers of this plant cannot be excelled, and its profusion of blossoms renders it deserving of cultivation in every flower-garden. The plant blooms from the middle of June to October. The roots are tuberous, and keep well through winter, if taken up after theblooming season, and preserved like Dahlia roots. Plants from the old roots grow, in good soil, from two to three feet high; those from seeds reach only from one to two feet. The following is the mode of management I have practised : - I fix upon a circular bed, eight feet in diameter, and in the first week in May I plant four feet of the centre with the old roots, placing the crowns just under the surface of the soil. The outer portion of the bed I plant with spring-sown plants, that have been raised in pots placed in a frame. Both the roots and plants should be planted about six inches apart. Thus, the centre of the bed being much higher than the outer part, the appearance is that of a splendid blue cone of flowers, scarcely to be excelled in beauty. Seeds are produced in abundance, and may be obtained of seedsmen at a small cost.