"Glad as the spring, when the first Crocus comes To laugh amid the shower."

The Spring Crocus is a very common bulbous-rooted plant, of which there are many varieties annually imported from Holland, and sold at very low prices. The most prominent sorts are the great yellow, deep blue, light blue, white with blue stripes, blue with white stripes, white with a purple base, pure white, cloth of gold, etc. It flowers in April, and in warm seasons, in sheltered places, frequently in March. Where there is a plenty of them, they make a magnificent show. The bulbs are small, solid, and flat. They should be planted, in September or October, about one inch or one and a half inch deep, in any good garden soil. They are very hardy, and the only difficulty is their liability to be thrown out by the frost, when the ground is bare, towards spring. To remedy this evil, some light substance should be thrown over them, to shade them from the action of the sun. After flowering, when the leaves have decayed, the roots may be taken up, and kept, until they are wanted to plant in autumn, in some cool, dry place; or they may remain in the ground a number of years without removing.