The common Horse Chestnut is a well known ornamental tree, of rapid growth; beautiful when in blossom, it being covered with spikes of delicate white or pink flowers, which are produced from its elegant digitate leaves.

There are some of the species which make a beautiful show in shrubberies, when in flower in the spring. They flourish in any soil and situation. The AE. discolor seldom grows above six feet high, and, therefore, will stand pretty forward. AE. carnea, from sixteen to twenty feet. 2E. rubicunda, from ten to twelve; and AE. pavia, from six to eight. The different sorts are easily propagated by grafting, and may all be united on the common kind. No plants are better calculated for shrubberies; for, although they are deciduous, the variation in foliage from the ordinary shrubs has a charming effect