Euonymus Americanus. - Burning Bush. - An elegant shrub, growing eight or ten feet high, producing rather inconspicuous purple flowers in clusters, which are succeeded by brilliant scarlet fruit, that remains after the foliage has fallen; highly ornamental. The foliage is handsome; the branches erect, of a fresh green color. There is a variety with purpush red berries, and another with white berries. Upon the opening of the valve which encloses the berry, the white variety show to great advantage, the valve being white, and the berry a light scarlet. The berries are produced in great profusion. Plants may be raised from seed, which should be planted in autumn; or by layers or cuttings.

E. Europaeus. - The European Spindle Tree. - This is a handsome evergreen shrub, with deep shining-green leaves, with a variety having silver-edged leaves. The European species and varieties are somewhat tender in this latitude. They should be planted in a sheltered, shady place.