Eupatorium purpureum. - Purple Thoroughwort. - Purple flowers in August; perennial; four to six feet high; indigenous; leaves in fours and fives. This plant cannot be said to be elegant, yet it is not destitute of beauty, and will be a valuable acquisition to the shrubbery. Its tall stem terminates in large corymbs of small shining purple flowers.

Eupatorium ccelestinum. - Sky-blue Eupatorium. - A perennial; two feet high. This is the most beautiful species in existence. It grows wild, from the Potomac to the Mississippi. Its flowers, produced very late in autumn, are of a beautiful smalt or sky-blue. The roots of this species are creeping, from which it is easily propagated.

Eupatorium perfoliatum, - Bone-set, or Medicinal Thorough wort, - is a plant whose medicinal virtues are held in high estimation; but it has no claim to beauty.