Eutoca viscida. - p Clammy Eutoca. - The whole herbage is of a dull green, copiously clothed with glandular viscid hairs. The glands of a soot-black; stem about one foot high. When in blossom; few plants possess greater attractions, from the extreme brilliancy of the flowers, which are of the deepest azure-blue. It is a hardy annual, and easily raised from seed. In bloom most of the season.

E. divaricata. - Straggling Eutoca. - A small, light-violet flower, from California, not very showy. E. multiflora is in gardens here, but, although preferable to this, is not very likely to become a favorite.

E. Wrangelina. - Baron Wrangel's Eutoca. - This pretty flowering annual is a native of New California, and has very recently been introduced into this country. The plant is of ready culture, growing freely in the open border, and blooming for several months, and has a peculiarly neat appearance. The cymose heads, of pale-blue blossoms, are showy; each blossom is about half an inch across.

E. Menziesii. - Menzies' Eutoca. - A beautiful hardy annual. The whole plant is clothed with hoary down, intermixed with longer bristly hairs. Flowers light-blue, in racemes an inch long. The plant should be cultivated in a light soil and sunny situation.