uAlready now the Snow-drop dares appear, The first pale blossom of the unripened year;

And Flora's breath, by some transforming power, Had changed an icicle into a flower."

Galanthus nivalis. - The Snow-drop is the earliest flower of all the garden tribe, and will even show her head above the snow, as if to prove her rivalry with whiteness. Every third year the roots should be taken up, in June or July, when the leaves are decayed and kept in a dry place till August, when they should be replanted. The bulbs are very small. To make them look well and to produce a pretty effect when in bloom, about twenty should be planted together in a clump, one and one half or two inches deep. There is a variety with double flowers; both sorts desirable; about six inches high in March and April.

"The Snow-drop, who, in habit white and plain, Comes on, the herald of fair Flora's train."

There is a flower called the Leucojum, or Great Snow-Drop, very similar to this, but twice the size. Of this there are three kinds: the Spring, the Summer, and the Autumnal Snow-drop. The bulbs are much larger; should be planted five inches from each other, four inches deep. " We look upon the snow-drop as a friend in adversity, sure to appear when most needed."

"Lone flower, hemmed in with snows, and white as they."