Gaura Lendheimer. - This plant, which is from South America, is one of the finest that we have received for many years. The flowers are formed by a calyx, in four divisions, colored with red, petals of a flesh-colored white, which contrast agreeably with the lively color of the calyx, with eight light stamens, with purple anthers.

It flowers on numerous branches, which form a large panicle, and continue in blossom from June until the frost comes. The stems are straight, growing from two to three feet in height, furnished with linear leaves, forming an elegant, although rather a slender, bush; large, lanceolated leaves united in a tuft at the base of the plant.

The Gazer a Lendheimer is a perennial, and should be sown in May or June, like other plants of this class, so as to flower the following year. It seems to be hardy, having stood in the open ground, with a little protection, through the winter; it may also be cultivated as an annual, for, if sown in April, it will begin to flower in July.

The Gaura Lendheimer will probably soon become very common in our gardens; it can be grown in beautiful masses, its flowers are very fine for bouquets, and, above all, it commends itself to us for its long continued flowering.