Geranium, Scarlet. - Nothing can exceed the beauty and brilliance of a collection of Dwarf Scarlet Geraniums, either in beds or in pots; they enliven the garden or balcony all summer. If removed into a warm conservatory in November, and a little water given them until the middle of December, when they commence growing, they will flower from January until April. They are easily raised from cuttings, which, if started in February, will make good plants for summer planting.

The variety of Scarlet Geraniums, with silver-edged leaves, called the "Flower of the Day" is a magnificent but scarce bedding plant. There are many varieties of the Scarlet Geranium, Those denominated Tom Thumb are dwarfs, some of them very small in their growth, and vary in intensity of color, mode of growth, foliage, etc.

Geranium Lucia rosea. - This is a sport from the Scarlet Geranium. It blooms freely and abundantly in the open ground. It is a very compact-growing plant, with short jointed stems, and good-sized leaves, of a soft and velvety character. The flower-stems are strong, and grow erect, so that the trusses of bloom are brought well above the foliage; the color of the flowers is a most delicate soft pink, or peach blossom, with a lovely white eye, - altogether a distinct color among Geraniums. It is a gem in the flower-garden, being not only distinct, but superlatively beautiful; cultivation the same as in other varieties.

Heliotropes are desirable, on account of the exquisite fragrance they impart to a bouquet, and some of the varieties are highly ornamental. As they are tender, the first hard frost destroys their beauty. They are propagated from cuttings, and sold in small pots, the same as Verbenas,