This genus of plants has been separated from AEnothera, to which it formerly belonged. They are generally very beautiful plants; hardy annuals, of easy cultivation in any good garden soil.

Godetia Lindleyana. - Lindley's Godetia. - This species is one of the prettiest of the tribe. The flowers are either white or blush, with a rich purple blotch on each petal, which gives great beauty to the flower. In flower in July and August; about one foot high.

G. rubicunda. - Ruddy Godetia. - A handsome hardy annual plant, growing about one and a half foot high, with purple flowers appearing in July and August. A native of California.

G. densifiora, - Dense-flowered, - has its purple flowers in clusters.

There are many other species and varieties, all worthy of cultivation, as G. lepida, quadrivulnera, purpurea, bifrous, etc.