Hemeroccdlis, from the Greek words, signifying beautiful day-lily; part of the tribe is now separated in the genus Funkia It is an ornamental tribe, of the easiest cultivation.

Hemerocallis flava, - Yellow Day Lily, - has a brilliant yellow lily-shaped flower in June; two feet high; leaves long-keeled, linear.

H. fulva. - Copper-colored Day Lily. - An old inhabitant of the flower-garden; in flower most of the season; four feet high; flower, yellowish copper-color; leaves like the last, but much larger.

H. ccerulea, now, Funkia ccerulea, - Blue Day Lily, - is a plant with broad ovate leaves; flowers blue, in June and July; two feet high.

H. japonica, or Funkia japonica, - White Day Lily, - has large, pure white, fragrant flowers, which open daily in the month of August, on stems one and a half to two feet high; leaves broad ovate, nerved.

These and other Day Lilies are hardy, easily propagated by division of the roots, and require little or no protection.