"Peas of all kinds diffuse their odorous powers Where Nature pencils butterflies on flowers."

Lathyrus odoratus is one of the most beautiful, and also one of the most fragrant, of the species, and is deservedly one of the most popular annuals which enrich the flower-garden. The varieties are, white, rose, scarlet, purple, black, and variegated. Each variety should be sown by itself, in circles about a foot in diameter, three or four feet from any other plant. When the young plants require support, a light, neat stake, or rod, should be stuck into the centre of the circle, to which they should be slightly fastened as they advance in height. Some are in the habit of supporting them with brush, which looks very un-sightly before it is covered with the vines.

The Sweet Pea will grow five or six feet high, in rich ground, and continue in bloom from July to October. The seed should be sown as soon as the ground is in order in the spring.