Privet. - The English Privet is much used for ornamental hedges, and is also desirable in a shrubbery, on account of the permanency of its elegant foliage. Mr. Emerson is of opinion that it is identical with the American privet; but this is a mistake, as the English retains its foliage much longer, and bears green berries. In England it is an evergreen, and nearly so here. The American variety is also very desirable. It sheds its foliage much sooner, and has black berries. There are a number of other varieties or species of privet, which are also desirable.

The Golden-edged Privet is a very striking variety, with variegated leaves. L. lucida has elegant, thick, glossy, green foliage, and is a valuable acquisition. L. Japonica has large, long, glossy leaves, of a bright green; if found to be hardy, it will be very desirable.