A curious genus, mostly annuals, remarkable for the beauty of their singular flowers, and as remarkable for the stinging appendages of the plants.

Loasa acanthifolia and brionifolia. - These are elegant yellow flowers, very curious in their structure; but the plants possess one quality which must forever banish them from the pleasure garden; the whole plant is covered with hairs, which, on being even slightly touched, eject a poison into the flesh, causing a painful blister, the effect of which does not pass off for several days.

L. lateritia. - Brick-red Loasa. - It is a native of South America; a climber, growing twelve to twenty feet in a season. The seed should be sown in a warm border, early in May. The flowers are prettily colored between a brick-red and orange shade, and produced in profusion through the summer and autumn. It is very ornamental, when properly trained upon a trellis; but it will be best not to come within touching distance of the plant without a good pair of glove:.

L. pentlandica is another beautiful species, of later introduction than the last, and said to be more tender; this is also a climbing plant.