All the species of this genus are upright, ornamental shrubs, suitable for the shrubbery, of easy culture.

Lonicera Tartarica. - Tartarean Honeysuckle. - This species grows to the height of eight or ten feet, and is covered with a profusion of pink flowers, in June, which are succeeded by red berries. In foliage, flower, or fruit, this is a desirable shrub, and thrives in almost any soil and situation. There is a variety with white flowers and yellow berries. They are natives of Russia, and are propagated easily by cuttings, layers, and seeds.

L. Ledebourii is a new species, said to be very handsome. We imported a few plants last season. The foliage is hand-some, and from the few flowers that appeared, it promises to be an important addition to our ornamental shrubs.