There are a number of annual Lupins in much esteem for their velvet-like leaves and fine large flowers, all of vigorous growth and easy to cultivate. The seeds should be planted in April. The old varieties cultivated are, L. pilosas, rose; L. albus, white; L. hirsutas, great blue; and L. luteus, with fine yellow flowers; all flowering in July and August.

L. varius is a more delicate species, with smaller foliage and fine blue flowers; in bloom the same time as the others.

L. Hartwegii, - Hartweg's Lupin, - is one of the most beautiful of all the species, with delicate foliage and numerous dense spikes of rich blue flowers; in flower from July to September; from one to one and a half foot high, suitable for planting in masses.

L. Cruikshanki. - Cruikshank's Lupin. - This is an elegant species, growing from two to three feet high, with large spikes of white flowers, shaded with yellow, and blue or purple.

The whole family flower better in a lean soil than in a rich one.