Malope grandiflorum. - Grand Flowering Malope. - This very showy plant is of the Mallow tribe; grows two feet to two feet six inches high. The flowers are produced in great abundance, and, being of a fine rosy-crimson, make a very gay appearance, rendering it a desirable plant for giving a distant attracting effect. It blooms from June to the end of October, unless cut off by frost. Seed should be sown in pots early in March, and be raised in a hot-bed; or may be sown upon a hot-bed, under a frame or hand-glass. The plants may be set out in the open border by the middle of May.

M. grandiflora alba. - A variety with white flowers, but rather more delicate in its habits than the other variety. Both of the varieties are better grown in a green-house, but are perfectly hardy. The plant blooms most profusely in a good loamy soil, mixed with a little manure or leaf-mould. If the soil be very rich, the plant will be liable to grow too vigorously, and produce a vast profusion of foliage, which will rather conceal the flowers; but if moderateJy enriched, it will produce one mass of bloom. I find it profitable to give all my flower-beds an addition of fresh soil every winter, generally adding about two or three inches deep. If the Malope grandi-jlora is not desired to come into bloom before the beginning of August, the seed may be sown in April or May, in the open border where it is desired that the plants shall blossom. The plant produces seed in abundance, which ripen well from plants that bloom early in the summer.