Handsome tropical annuals, remarkable for the size of their flowers, compared with their leaves.

Martynea proboscidea. - Common Martynea. - This plant is often cultivated in vegetable gardens for its capsules, which, when green and tender, make a fine pickle. It is also a curious plant for the border, on acceant of its large flowers; but more particularly for its singularly curious seed-vessels.

M. fragraris. - Fragrant Martynea. - This is a beautiful new annual, that succeeds very well when sown in the open border the 10th of May. It is undoubtedly one of the finest species of the tribe; no other one will compare with it. It is robust in its habit, throwing out large lateral branches, the plant growing three feet high, producing an immense profusion of flowers from the first of August till destroyed by frost. The flowers are large, resembling the Gloxinia, thick-set on spikes, and are of a delicate rosy lilac, blotched and shaded with bright crimson, with an agreeable odor. The foliage is thick, more soft and velvety than the above-described species. The seed-capsules add much to the appearance of the plant.