Mimosa sensitiva, - Sensitive Plant, - is a well-known annual, from Brazil. It succeeds in the border during the summer months, if the seed is sown, in March or April, in a hot-bed, and the plants forwarded in pots, and turned out in

June. Thus treated, it will flourish, and ripen seeds in favor-able seasons, and grow to a large size.

This singular plant calls forth universal admiration. It has been a puzzle to many a philosopher. The cause of its sensitiveness has lately been more satisfactorily explained, yet it is still shrouded in mystery. The plant is most irritable in the greatest heat. Dr. Darwin thus characterizes it:"Weak with nice sense the chaste Mimosa stands, From each rude touch withdraws her tender hands;

Oft, as light clouds o'erpass the summer glade, Alarmed, she trembles at the moving shade, And feels, alive through all her tender form, The whispered murmurs of the gathering storm;

Shuts her sweet eye-lids to approaching night, And hails, with freshened charms, the rising light."