Nolana is a diminution of nola, signifying a bell in low Latin. The name has been applied to this plant on account of its bell-shaped corolla. The species are hardy annuals, of beautiful appearance when in flower.

Nolana prostrata. - Trailing Nolana. - Elegant annual from

Peru. Its specific name, prostrata, from the manner of growing. The stems are prostrate, much branching, and covered with a profusion of flattish, bell-shaped flowers, of a fine blue streaked with black, from July to September. It may be sown early in the spring in the border.

Nolana atriplicifolia. - A new and very handsome flowering annual, of prostrate growth, or, if grown in masses, will rise to half a foot high. The flowers are produced most numerously, and give a very pretty appearance. The plant deserves a place in every flower-garden. It is a desirable plant to grow in order to hang pendulous over the edge of a vase, pot, etc., contrasting with Verbena melindres.

The flowers have some resemblance to the Dwarf Convolvulus, (Convolvulus minor,) fine azure-blue with a white centre, the bottom or tube of the flower yellow.