The genus Pentstemon embraces a family of beautiful plants, worthy the attention of the amateur. Most of the species are hardy, while others require the protection of the frame during the winter. The genus is peculiarly American, abounding in the west and south-west of our vast country, and Mexico. The flowers of all the species are bell-shaped, more or less open, The colors are scarlet, purple, blue, etc.

The following species have flowered in our collection : P. pubescens produces purplish blue flowers in June; one and a half foot high; leaves downy.

P. Iaevigatum is very similar, excepting it has smooth leaves and paler flowers; two feet high.

P. pulchella has large, bell-shaped, pale-purple flowers in autumn; one foot high.

P. atropurpurea has dark ruby-purple flowers from July to October; one and a half foot high.

P. caeruleum is one of the finest of the genus, with beautiful blue flowers in August and September; one and a half foot high.

P. coccinnea is similar to P. atropurpurea, excepting the flowers are scarlet.

All the species may be propagated by dividing the roots, if done with care; or by cuttings, the most certain method; or by layers. They may also be raised from seed, which. should be sown in May, in the open ground, in a moist, shady place. There are numerous varieties and species, besides those here named.