Potentilla, in allusion to its supposed potential virtue m medicine.

This is a numerous genus, consisting of strawberry-like looking plants, with mostly yellow flowers.

Potentilla atrosanguinea. - Dark blood-colored Potentilla. - This is one of the finest species, with beautiful foliage, and blood-colored flowers, from Nepal, one and a half foot high; in flower from May to September. Propagated from divisions of the root, and from seed.

Pontentilla formosa. - Synon. Nepalensis. - This is another beautiful species from Nepal, with fine rose-colored flowers, which are produced the greater part of the season.

Pontentilla splendens has yellow flowers, of not much beauty, but the leaves are elegant, being silvered over with a silky down, and interruptedly pinnate. Flowers dichotomous, in corymbs; from Nepal.

Pontentilla grandijiora has fine large yellow flowers - a native of Siberia.

Pontentilla russelliana is a splendid hybrid with scarlet flowers.

P. Hopwoodiana, with rose and scarlet flowers, is also beautiful. Most of the species, which are numerous, are pretty, but those named are the finest; all stand the winter well; they succeed best in light soil.