"When the plants are in full growth, merely peg down the young shoots, without any incision, and cover them with about two inches of soil, and by the following spring they will be ready to separate.

" Cuttings of half-ripened wood, planted under a hand-glass, in September, on a north border, in peat earth, will often strike and make good plants, but layers are preferable.

"Separating the plant at, the roots. - This is merely tearing off, or separating with a sharp knife, those branches with roots attached to them, which is the case when many branching stems spring from the same root.

"By seed. - Sow the seed on a bed of peat soil, (heath mould,) if there is a considerable quantity; but if only a small portion, sow in a pan, or box, because of the ease with which the latter can be protected by placing it in a frame. If sown on a bed, shelter the plants while young, from heavy rains, etc., by mats, or hoops. Transplant, when large enough, into other beds, or into pots, and continue to shift them, every two years, till they are large enough to plant into their permanent situations."