The genus are natives of North America, Europe, and Asia. Many of them are thorny plants in the wild state. They have showy flowers, in clusters. Some of the species are esteemed ornamental.

Primus candicans. - This is a delightful, hardy, deciduous shrub, growing about six or eight feet high. It is very easy pyrus. 255 of cultivation, and in May and June, when in full flower, is a perfect picture, the white flowers nearly hiding the young leaves, which are beginning at that time to cover the branches. It may either be propagated by layers, or by budding and grafting on the common plum stock.

P. siberica scarcely grows so large as the candicans; thrives well in almost any soil and situation, and makes a pretty ornament when in flower. It may be increased both by layers and budding, or grafting on a common plum stock.