Schizanthus, from Greek words to cut, and a flower, in allusion to the numerous divisions of its beautiful purple and yellow flowers. Tender annual plants, with finely cut pale-green leaves and terminal panicles of elegant flowers.

Schizanthus pinnatus, - Pinnate-leaved Schizanthus, - is one of the most common species, from which a number of beautiful and improved seedlings have been produced.

All the varieties are very pretty in the open ground, and bloom most of the season, but are much injured by the sun or severe rains. They can only be brought to the highest state of perfection when grown in pots in the green-house, where they can be made to attain the height of three or four feet, - in the open ground about two feet; from August to October. The varieties are humilis, porrigens, retusus, Hookerii, Priestii and Grahamii.