Senecio elegans. - Ragwort, or Double Groundsel. - There are four kinds of this plant, viz., double red, double crimson, double white and double flesh-colored. Each of these kinds will make a most handsome bed. The plant is very pretty in its foliage, grows freely and most profusely; scarcely anything surpassing it for a neat and handsome show. It will grow about eighteen inches high, and continue in bloom from June to the end of the season. The soil I grow it in very successfully is fresh loam, mixed with leaf mould, and about eight inches deep, upon a dry subsoil. I find that when the soil is much enriched, the plant has a tendency to produce too much foliage; but, grown in turf, loam, etc., as above stated, an amazing production of bloom is the result. The plant is readily increased by slips, scarcely one in a hundred failing to grow. It is also raised from seed; but few of the plants will produce double flowers.