Symphoria is from a combination of Greek words, signifying 'a plant which bears its fruit together in clusters."

Symphoria racemosa. - Common Snowberry. - This is a delicate, hardy, North American shrub, extensively known and much cultivated on account of its fine white berries, which are quite ornamental, after the leaves have fallen. The flowers are pink, and rather inconspicuous; the shrub grows about four feet high; easily propagated by suckers.

S. glomerata. - Cluster-berried Symphoria, or Indian Currant. - This has no claims to beauty, as to the flowers, which like the last, are small and inconspicuous, of a pink color. These are succeeded by dark brownish-purple berries, which are thickly clustered upon the branches, three feet high. It is propagated in the same way. Both these species thrive in the shade and under the droppings of trees.