T. Americana. - American Lime or Bass Wood. - This noble tree is suitable for parks, streets, or large plantations. It grows to the height of eighty feet. When in flower it is quite ornamental; the flowers put forth in the month of June, and are borne by long peduncles, pendulous, of a greenish-yellow color, and are garnished with a long, narrow, floral leaf. The leaves are large, nearly round; the seeds are ripe in October, are round, of a gray color.

T. rubra. - The English Lime, or Linden tree, is a well-known shade tree, with smaller foliage than the American. It is a graceful tree, of large size.

T. pendula - The Weeping Linden - is an interesting variety, propagated by grafting upon the common Lindens.

T. argenea - Silver-striped Linden - has variegated leaves, and is suitable for ornamental plantations.

There are other varieties and species of the Linden, but those described are the most prominent. The Weeping and Silver-striped varieties are not common in the nurseries, but small trees may be obtained.