A very handsome plant, the contrast between the gray-velvet leaves and the great yellow flowers being very striking. It forms large clumps, about a foot and a half high, with slightly downy flower-stalks and heart-shaped or arrow-shaped, toothless leaves, pale gray-green and velvety, covered with silvery down, whiter on the under side. The flowers are over three inches across, with clear bright yellow rays, and a deeper yellow center, fuzzy and greenish-yellow in the middle. The involucre is almost white, thickly covered with silvery, silky wool, and the flowers are pleasantly sweet-smelling. This grows on dry hillsides.

Laphamia. biseiosa. Gum Plant  Grindelia, latifolia. Arrow leaf Balsam root Balsamorrhiza sagittata

Laphamia. biseiosa. Gum Plant- Grindelia, latifolia. Arrow-leaf Balsam-root-Balsamorrhiza sagittata. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.