An attractive little plant, only a few inches tall, with many weak, slender, branching stems, spreading on the ground and rooting at the joints, and small, smooth, light yellowish-green leaves, often tinged with red. It grows in wet places and forms close mats of foliage, sprinkled with light-orange or salmon-colored flowers, a quarter of an inch or more across, with fifteen to twenty, yellow stamens. The effect is something like Anagallis, Scarlet Pimpernel, hence the name. This is common in Yosemite and similar places, up to nine thousand feet.

St. Johns wort. Hypericum formosum var Scouleri. Creeping St.John's wort  H.anagalloides

St. Johns-wort. Hypericum formosum var Scouleri. Creeping St.John's-wort- H.anagalloides. FOUQUIERA FAMILY. Fouquieriaceae.