This is the common Salsify, the root of which is used as a vegetable. It is naturalized from Europe and is now quite common in the West as a "stray" and also in the East. It has a smooth, stout, hollow stem, from two to over four feet tall, rather dark green, smooth leaves, clasping at base, and handsome flowers from two to four inches across, which are a very peculiar shade of reddish-purple, not usually seen in flowers. They open early in the morning, closing by midday and fading almost immediately when picked, and may be seen growing along the edges of fields and just outside garden fences where they are often quite conspicuous. This plant has many common names, such as Jerusalem Star, Nap-at-noon, and Vegetable Oyster.

Salsify  Tragopogon porrifolius. Desert Dandelion  Malacothrix Fendleri. Desert Chicory Nemoseris. Neo Mexicana

Salsify -Tragopogon porrifolius. Desert Dandelion- Malacothrix Fendleri. Desert Chicory Nemoseris. Neo-Mexicana. CHICORY FAMILY. Cicoriaceae.