A charming little plant, something like the last but prettier, three or four inches tall, with very slender, stiff, purplish, branching stems and smooth, thickish, light green leaves, purplish on the under side. The flowers are nearly an inch across, with a hairy calyx and bright purplish-pink corolla, streaked with magenta, with yellow ridges on the lower lip and plaits inside the throat. They look exceedingly pretty on the pale sand of the Mojave Desert.

Desert Monkey flower. M.Fremontii. Little Yellow Monkey flower Mimulus primuloides. Little Pink Monkey flower M.Torreyi

Desert Monkey-flower. M.Fremontii. Little Yellow Monkey-flower-Mimulus primuloides. Little Pink Monkey-flower-M.Torreyi. FIGWORT FAMILY. Scrophulariaceae.