Nothing could look much less like a garden Zinnia than this dry, prickly-looking dwarf shrub. It is from three inches to a foot high, the branches crowded with very small, stiff, dull green leaves, and the flowers are about an inch across, rather pretty but not conspicuous, with a yellow center and four or five, broad, cream-white rays, often tinged with dull pink. This plant grows on the plains and is a "soil-indicator," as it flourishes on the poorest, stoniest, and most arid land.

Bahia absinthifolia  Wild Marigold Baileya multiradiata. Baileya pauciradiata

Bahia absinthifolia- Wild Marigold-Baileya multiradiata. Baileya pauciradiata. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.