A very pretty little plant, slight^ hairy, with a slender stem, from three to ten inches tall, and clusters of small, stiff, dark green leaves. The flowers are about three-quarters of an inch across, with long, threadlike, yellow tubes, sometimes an inch and a half long, and white, pink, or lilac petals, with an orange or white "eye" and often brownish on the outside, with yellow anthers and a conspicuously long, yellow pistil. This is common throughout California, growing in open ground on hills and sea-cliffs. L. parviflorus var. acicularis is similar, but smaller. The flowers are similar, but often have so little white about them that they are yellow in general effect, and are sometimes specked with crimson at the base of the petals. They grow in sandy places in southern California.

Yellow Gilia. Laureus. Evening Snow L.dichotomus. Linanthus parviflorus

Yellow Gilia. Laureus. Evening Snow-L.dichotomus. Linanthus parviflorus. PHLOX FAMILY. Polemoniaceae.