An interesting annual plant, quite pretty, about a foot high, the stem sometimes branching and the branches suggesting those of a candelabrum, clothed with soft, finely divided, dull green leaves and ending in spikes of green bracts and pretty little flowers, three-quarters of an inch long. The calyx is green, the upper lip of the corolla is purplish-pink and the lower lip is swollen, three-lobed and cream-white, turning pink in fading. This grows in dry places at altitudes of from six to eight thousand feet. Only one of the branches is given in the picture.

Owls clover  O. purpureo albus. Owl's clover O. exsertus. Escobita, Orthocarpus densiflorus.

Owls-clover- O. purpureo-albus. Owl's-clover-O. exsertus. Escobita,-Orthocarpus densiflorus. FIGWORT FAMILY. Scrophulariaceae.