This is very beautiful and varied in color and is the commonest kind in Yose-mite,from one to two feet high, with rough-ish, toothless leaves and several slender, erect, somewhat hairy branches, ending in long loose clusters of flowers. The corollas are an inch long, and vary from deep bright blue through all shades of violet to deep pink, with two white ridges in the throat, and with two white anthers visible and two purple ones hidden in the throat. The flowers' faces have a quaint, wide-awake expression. This grows on dry rocky slopes and is often mistaken for P. heterophylliis, which is rather common in open places in the Coast Ranges. P. linarioldes, blooming in late summer at the Grand Canyon, is somewhat similar, but the flowers arc smaller and more delicate, and the leaves are smooth, small, and narrow.

Penstemon   Plaetus. Scarlet Bugler P. Eaton,

Penstemon - Plaetus. Scarlet Bugler-P. Eaton, FIGWORT FAMILY. Scrophulariaceae.