A conspicuous plant and quite handsome, though its flowers are rather untidy-looking, for, like many other Senecios, the rays do not come out evenly. It is about two feet high, with a stout, hollow, ridged stem, sparsely woolly, and dark green, thickish leaves, with shallow and uneven teeth and covered with sparse, fine, white woolly hairs, as if partially rubbed off. The flowers are over an inch across, with bright yellow rays, curling back in fading, an orange center, fading to brown, and the bracts of the involucre tipped with black. This grows in moist rich soil, in mountain valleys.

Creek Senecio S. Douglasii. Squaw weed  S.perplexus var dispar

Creek Senecio-S. Douglasii. Squaw-weed -S.perplexus var dispar. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.