This resembles Alpine Phlox in general effect, but the corolla is funnel-form instead of salver-form, for the lobes do not spread so abruptly. The many stems are woody below, a few inches high, and crowded with leaves, which are dull green, stiff, and cut into needle-like divisions, which look like single leaves, about half an inch long. The flowers are pretty and fragrant, half an inch across, white or pale pink, often with purplish streaks on the outside, with rounded lobes, the edge of each overlapping the next, and yellow anthers, not projecting from the throat of the corolla. This forms loose mats on rocky ledges, at high altitudes.

G.multicaulis. Downy Gilia G.floccosa. Small Prickly Gilia G.pungeas

G.multicaulis. Downy Gilia-G.floccosa. Small Prickly Gilia-G.pungeas. PHLOX FAMILY. Polemoniaceae.