This is conspicuous on account of its height, with a stout, stiff, leafless, hairy flower-stalk, three feet or more tall, springing from a loose rosette of smooth, thickish, bright-green leaves, not standing up stiffly but spreading, sometimes nearly a foot long, paler on the under side and obscurely toothed at the ends, with some minute hairs along the lower margins. The flowers are small, with cream-white petals, orange-red anthers and a green ovary, and form a long branching cluster towards the top of the stalk. This grows in swamps in the mountains.

Saxifrage Micranthes rhomboidea Tall Swamp Saxifrage M.Oregana

Saxifrage-Micranthes rhomboidea Tall Swamp Saxifrage M.Oregana. SAXIFRAGE FAMILY. Saxifragaceae.