This has small flowers, but often grows in such quantities on the flats near Salt Lake that it tints the fields with purple. The purplish stem is from twelve to fifteen inches tall and the leaves are light bluish-green and very smooth, the root-leaves with long leafstalks, and the stem-leaves arrow-shaped and clasping at base. The flowers are about half an inch across, with a purplish-tinged calyx and pale pinkish-lilac petals, and form flat-topped clusters. The pods are spreading and rather knobby. This usually grows on dry hills, reaching an altitude of over nine thousand feet, as far east as Wyoming. There are many kinds of Arabis, widely distributed, with small, white or purplish flowers.

Thelypodium torulosum Arabis Fendleri

Thelypodium torulosum Arabis Fendleri MUSTARD FAMILY. Cruciferae.