Delicate, pale flowers, conspicuous in dark mountain woods, with slightly downy, purplish stems, from eight to ten inches tall, and pretty leaves, thin in texture, the involucre-leaves without leaf-stalks, rather light-green, dull on the upper side, paler and shiny on the under. The pretty flowers arc an inch and a half to over two inches across, with five, pure-white sepals, usually two of them larger and longer than the others, and a light bright-yellow center. This is abundant at Alt. Rainier. A. quinquefblia var. Grayi, of the Coast Ranges, is similar, the flower often tinged with blue, the involucre-leaves with leaf-stalks.

Northern Anemone Aparviflora Three leaved Anemone A.deltoidea

Northern Anemone-Aparviflora Three-leaved Anemone A.deltoidea. BUTTERCUP FAMILY. Ranunculaceae.