This is a stout shrub, one to four feet high, with thick, short, rigid little branches, the knobby joints more or less spiny. The roundish leaves, less than an inch across, are lobed and scalloped, rather dull green and slightly downy, and the flowers are about half an inch long, with maroon-colored sepals and white petals, the base of the calyx-tube downy. The purple berry is half an inch in diameter and covered with stout prickles. This Gooseberry is common at moderate altitudes. The drooping, red and white flowers resemble tiny Fuchsias, both in color and form. G. Menziesii, the Canyon Gooseberry, also has pretty fuchsialike flowers and grows in the Coast Ranges of California and Oregon, blooming in the winter.

Wild Gooseberry Grossuluria, Roezli.

Wild Gooseberry-Grossuluria, Roezli. GOOSEBERRY FAMILY. Grossulariaceae.