A fine robust plant, about a foot tall, with a stout stem, light, bright green leaves, and exceedingly handsome flowers, over two inches across. The sepals are yellowish, with a black spot and streaks of brown, and the petals are deep lemon-yellow, each with a rich maroon spot near the center and a hairy, brown, crescent-shaped gland below, often flecked with maroon at the margins and base, with cream-colored anthers and a yellowish pistil. This is very much like a Tulip in character and looks very gay and cheerful growing in green fields. The typical C. luteus is similar, but smaller and duller in color.

Yellow Mariposa Talip. Calochortus luteus var. Citrinus

Yellow Mariposa Talip. Calochortus luteus var. Citrinus. LILY FAMILY. Liliaceae.