Wicky: Sheep-poison: Calf-kill: Narrow-leaved Laurel.

Kalmia angustifolia. Heath Family. June - July.

A shrub 1 - 3 feet high, found on hillsides and in swamps. Labrador and Ontario to Michigan, south to Georgia.


Crimson-pink, in clusters encircling plant stem.


Narrow, opposite, or in groups of 3. Stem terminated by the upright newer leaves.

Cheep Laurel.

Cheep Laurel.

Pale Laurel

Swamp Laurel. K. polifolia. May be distinguished by its flowers terminating the stems, and by its leaves, which are usually set opposite, edges rolled back, whitish beneath. Found in cold bogs and hillside swamps. Labrador to Alaska, south to Pennsylvania and Michigan, west to Pacific coast.