This is a very handsome, spreading, bushy and small-flowered Aster, growing from one to five feet high, in partly shaded woods, roadsides, thickets and on dry banks from early August until the frost and snow finally obliterate them. The slender, leafy stalk is almost smooth, much-branched and often stained with purple. The thin-textured, sharply toothed leaves have a rough surface, and on the under side, the more prominent veins are lightly covered with fine hairs. They are decidedly heart-shaped, taper to a slender point, and are set on slender stems. As they ascend the stalk, the leaves become shorter-stemmed and are egg-shaped or lance-shaped in outline. From ten to twenty delicately coloured rays surround the dark centre of the flower heads, which are densely clustered like little handfuls of confetti, toward the lips of the numerous branches. This is one of our commonest Asters, and ranges from New Brunswick to Minnesota, Georgia and Missouri.