This tiny-flowered Aster is common in dry, open places from August to November, and grows from one to seven feet high, with ascending and spreading branches. It is so thickly covered with the finest whitish hairs as to appear pale and hoary. The leaves are very narrow and rigid, with entire margins, and they partly clasp the stalk at the base. They are rough to the touch, and those which are crowded on the branches are very small and bract-like. The minute flowers measure from one-quarter to one-third of an inch across and are densely clustered along the branches. They have from ten to twenty white rays and the yellow disc florets are few in number. The leaflets are so very numerous that notwithstanding the reckless profusion of the flowers, the plant shows much of the green foliage. It ranges from Maine and Ontario to British Columbia, southward to Georgia, Texas, and Arizona.