Contrary to most Orchids, this very beautiful, slender stemmed species has its lip, or most prominent petal, erected high over the flower instead of hanging from the lower side, as is usually the case. The slender, smooth, and naked stalk grows from twelve to eighteen inches in height, from a smooth, solid, round bulb. The solitary, sheathing, bright green grass-like leaf is long and very narrow with parallel veins, and also rises from the bulb. From three to fifteen showy, sweet-scented spurless, and purplish pink flowers are borne in a loose, terminal spike. The pointed-oval sepals and petals are nearly alike, and are separated and spreading. The long, upright, white-spotted and pale-pink lip is heart or wedge-shaped at the summit and is hinged at its base. It has a beautiful, dense beard of long, yellow, orange, or rose coloured, club-shaped hairs, which appear like so many stamens. Below the pretty lip extends a long, slender, curving three-lobed, petal-like pistil. This delicate beauty is more or less common in low, wet meadows and swampy recesses, where its beautiful patches of colour may be found swaying above the tall grasses during June and July, from Newfoundland to Florida, and west to Ontario, Minnesota and Missouri.