This lovely rose-coloured perennial is similar to the Meadow Sweet, and often found near it, but the Hard-hack has smaller flowers arranged in slender, long-pointed, floral steeples, and woolly stalks of a peculiar light brown colour. The under surface of the pointed oval, dark green leaves is also very woolly, and varies from a whitish to the same brownish colour of the stalk. The latter is erect, very leafy, usually unbranched, and grows two or three feet high. The leaf has a strong midrib, and an unequally toothed margin. The leaves have short stems that curve smartly upward as they join the stalk, and which give a nifty set to the foliage and charming perkiness to the handsome plant. The pretty little flowers and their tiny stamens are deep rosy-pink in colour, and are densely arranged in rather stiff terminal spikes. They blossom from the apex downward, and before the lower ones begin to open, the forerunners have faded to a light brown. The Hardhack blooms from July to September in low, moist grounds and adjacent hillside pastures, from Nova Scotia to Manitoba and south to Georgia and Kansas.